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Abbi Patrix stages a Swedish piece

A piece by Musikteater Unna
Premiere in 4:e Teatern
December 15, 2018
Vasteras, Sweden

Conspiracy! is an original storytelling show by Musikteater Unna. Two journalists decide to create a conspiracy theory suggesting that private cell phones are being wiretapped by the authorities. The purpose is to show the public how easily false information is being spread. As they launch their story in social media and obscure websites they record their work on film in order to be aired on a major TV channel. Suddenly their texts and media content gets hijacked by right wing extremist and their conspiracy spreads over the internet and in media beyond their control.

On stage the story unfolds in a dynamic mix of acting and performance storytelling together with interactive electro-acoustic soundscapes and metal-inspired music written for 5-stringed bass.  

Conspiracy! is written and told by performance storyteller Johan Theodorsson. Music and sound is composed and performed by Anders Peev. The story is performed together with actor Hanna S. Carlander and directed by Abbi Patrix.