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polar électro-conté
Le vendredi 29 janvier 2016 à 20h
D'après le personnage créé par Jean-Bernard Pouy ; Texte original Julien Tauber ; Avec Abbi Patrix, Phil Reptil et Vincent Mahey ; La Compagnie du Cercle / Studio Sextant

En plein coeur du marché de Rungis, la halle aux poissons. Au centre, une tête d’homme soigneusement découpée, privée de ses oreilles... Un conte comme un polar, un vrai, accompagné d’un voyage sonore immersif transformant le spectacle en véritable performance, concert-électro conté.
L’Avant-Scène à Grand-Couronne
rue Georges Clémenceau, Place Aimé Césaire,
76530 Grand-Couronne
Renseignements et réservations : 02 32 11 53 55


Norway is the land of the Trolls, fantastic creatures coming from the Edda, the nordic myth of creation. Most of the time ugly, neither good nor evil, even stupid and clumsy, the Trolls are nonetheless powerful, known as invincible and, most of all, terribly dreaded by humans.

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Loki, pour ne pas perdre le Nord

Electroacoustic storytelling

Loki personifies ambivalence and amorality. Dreaded, he represents destructive as well as creative acts. He fears only one god: Thor and his hammer. Through the character of Loki, the Nordic mythology unfolds and reveals the complete cycle of the energies ruling the world, from its creation to its destruction.

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Journey in Place

Time suspended above the world and what it has to tell, this event brings together stories gleaned by the storyteller during a whole life spent travelling.

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Happy New year!

The team of the Compagnie du Cercle wishes you a happy new year! 

Le Poulpe

In the heart of the Rungis Market, there is the fish market. In the center, there is the head of a man, neatly cut, deprived of ears…

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Visites singulières

Any cultural event, whether it happens in a museum, in a park, in a historical venue, is the occasion to highlight and (re)discover remarkable and unique places of our heritage.

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