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Loki, pour ne pas perdre le Nord

Electroacoustic storytelling

Loki personifies ambivalence and amorality. Dreaded, he represents destructive as well as creative acts. He fears only one god: Thor and his hammer. Through the character of Loki, the Nordic mythology unfolds and reveals the complete cycle of the energies ruling the world, from its creation to its destruction.


Loki, pour ne pas perdre le Nord

With Abbi Patrix (storytelling) and Linda Edsjö (percussions)
Text: Abbi Patrix
Original music:Linda Edsjö, Wilfried Wendling and Jean-François Vrod
Choreography: Pascale Houbin
Light and stage design: Sam Mary
Artistic collaboration: Agnès Limbos
Artistic collaboration photography: Emmanuel Pierrot

Production La Compagnie du Cercle and La Muse en circuit, le Centre national de création musicale.
Coproduction La Maison du conte and le Théâtre de Chevilly-Larue.

This show is not available in English.