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Le Poulpe

In the heart of the Rungis Market, there is the fish market. In the center, there is the head of a man, neatly cut, deprived of ears…

This is the bloody beginning of the investigation lead by Le Poulpe, also known as Gabriel Lecouvreur, also known as Abbi Patrix. For the rest of the story, let the righter-storyteller be your guide. He will present you everything on a silver platter: the fights, the sex stories, the deep literary references, the whole against an essential backdrop of antifascism.

You will attend a story like a real detective fiction. A sound immersion permanently interacting with the story will take you on a trip and will turn the show on an actual performance, a tale-concert.


Le Poulpe
Detective fiction > Storytelling > Music
Created in 2013.

Abbi Patrix (storytelling)
Vincent Mahey (computers, flute, electronics)
Phil Reptil (computers, guitar, steel-log, electronics)
Author: Julien Tauber
Stage adaptation: Patrix and Julien Tauber
Sound and music composition: Vincent Mahey and Phil Reptil
Lights: Sam Mary and Laura Mingueza
Sound and multicast technology: Axel Pfirrmann
Adapted from the series of books "Le Poulpe" by Jean-Bernard Pouy, Serge Quadruppani and Patrick Raynal, based on an original idea by Jean-Bernard Pouy
© Éditions Baleine, 1995 - Paris, France
The collection "Le Poulpe" is published by Éditions Baleine
The Éditions Baleine are represented by Mon Agent and Compagnie

Production: Compagnie du Cercle & Studio Sextan
Coproduction: Ville de Capbreton, Maison du Conte de Chevilly-Larue
With the support of Ville de Palaiseau, Théâtre 71 de Malakoff, La CLEF de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Le Sax d’Achères, le Tamanoir de Gennevilliers & le Festival Rumeurs Urbaines
With the support for creation of Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne