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Journey in Place

Time suspended above the world and what it has to tell, this event brings together stories gleaned by the storyteller during a whole life spent travelling.

Tales, legends, myths, anecdotes, intimate memories fill pages of his travel diary day after day. He offers simply to share his taste and love for these stories. To take us away to an unlikely dream world, to an impossible reality. To cross the planet by means of stories. Journeys in place lead by associations, by moods, by the atmosphere.
Balanced between written material and oral improvisation, Abbi Patrix unfurls his stories, giving them a new context each time, always in the present instant, always interacting with the audience, bringing the diversity of his repertoire to our ears...

Varied stories...

Norwegian fairy tales, African myths, Chinese fantasy and Indian wisdom share an awareness to the world’s diversity, it’s complexity, it’s wish for stories in order to understand, amaze, discover. Between the Eastern sun and the Western moon, you will come across trolls, djinns, dragons, kings and princesses, ministers, salesmen and thieves, as well as frogs, snakes, turtles, monkeys, ravens and owls. Abbi Patrix doesn’t give a whit for genres and frontiers. In the simplicity of the storyteller’s art, and in one and the same journey :

  • You will gather wise and useful advice for public life from a wildlife faerie,
  • You will admit that trolls aren’t nice and funny little monsters,
  • You will discover that djinns aren’t always invisible and that they are the ones who gave us music,
  • You will finally learn how turtles became land dwellers, why dragons also belch out water, and why frogs have such hideous skin...

... without ever forgetting that these stories speak about us more than anything else!

The show is available :
- In English or French
- In acoustic version or using a soundsystem, with or without a soundmanager depending on the auditorium

With Abbi Patrix
A flexible show that can be adapted to all kinds of auditoriums
Stories chosen, adapted and told according to the age of the audience
For families, 9 +
1h30 minutes
Production Compagnie du cercle