Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival

The Circle Company is back to work! ...

...And to get started, Abbi Patrix is on his way to tell stories in Irland ! Four days of festival on the island of Cape Clear, to mingle a bit of nordic adventures with irish fantasy... 
Performances by Abbi Patrix :
> Friday 2d September at 4 pm: « Meet the tellers » : a free opening session where the performers do a 15 minutes spot each

> Saturday 3d September 11 am: Nordic Tales
> Sunday 4th September at 11 am: Tasty Tales from Ireland and France, a duet with the storyteller Kate Corkery.
Check out the complete program of the festival's website 

> Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival
> 2-4 September 2016
 Cape Clear Island, Ireland

Weekend adult ticket for all events 75€